About the Run Detective App

About the Run Detective App

Run Detective is a motivational paranormal audio adventure for Android and iPhone. It provides a good balance of adrenaline inducing audio escapades and thumping tunes from your own playlists to push you to achieve your best.

Not only can Run Detective provide a positive running experience that can embed good feelings about exercise, it can enhance any fitness regime you have.

It's about motivating you to stay motivated; creating a mental need for you to find out what will happen next. The only way you'll find out what happens next is to workout. It is especially useful to those new to running and fitness training.

Run Detective Features


Acurate GPS Tracking using our Amesy ABCD Filtering while you walk, jog or run so you can learn new routes in your area and monitor your improvements.

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Record all your activities in one place and sync with your other fitnesses apps. There's nothing better than looking back on the previous 6 months and seeing how far you've come.

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Occassionally, you'll be able to make your own choices in the story by maintaining your current level or pushing yourself. Will you face your fears or run and hide? Will you save a life? You decide how the story progresses.


Find out what happens next in the story. Gain Experience Points (XP) for every workout. Get on the Leader Boards for personal improvements through our unique Improve-Assess Algorythm. Win prizes to reward you for your hard work.