The Run Detective Story

Run Detective story

You were a police detective. Now you are part of a team of expert paranormal investigators. Your team leader secures an MoD fringe services contract to assist police forces with their more challenging investigations.

Police reluctantly share information on the cases that have presented them with difficulties of the paranormal kind.

Every day, new, weird and exciting investigations are closed by the police because they have exhausted all enquiries. You possess a unique set of talents commissioned by the government to provide insight into those cases classed as unsolvable.

The police need your help to see clues that they can't, rescue missing victims, and identify a suspect. Some cases are time sensitive so you have to be quick. And you have a hidden agenda - not even the government knows about...

The Team: Fringe Services Division

Sally Shivers

Team Leader

Derek Woods

Paranormal expert

Susanna Finchley

Technical guru

Recent Highlights

Nothing yet, but there will be soon...

Recent Highlights

All in good time, Detective...