Interview #1 with Sally Shivers

Interview #1 with Sally Shivers

What's it like investigating paranormal activities?
Paranormal activity is a movie right? Well, I investigate crimes - usually pretty serious crimes like serious assaults and murder - I am a police officer after all. But I'm also a specialist in crimes that can't be solved through conventional policing. My crimes carry an element of the supernatural at first glance so you have to know your ghouls from your gargoyles. I usually get to the bottom of it even if my boss doesn't like the outcome. It's really just problem solving through divergent thinking.

How did you get in to this weird area of policing?
What's weird to you is not necessarily weird to me. You might think it's weird that I close the fridge door slowly just to see the light turn off inside. I think it's weird that you probably have fake fights in your head just so you can be ready if you ever need to defend yourself. Weird is relative. I was emailed the advert for this weird little job. No idea who sent it. I wouldn't have known about it either because it was only advertised by the MoD and applicants had to be a serving police officer. I think that's weird. However, the Fringe Services Division was my first post as Detective Inspector so it came at a great time for me. It's just so different from other areas of policing and so much more exciting than CID.

You have been described as a rebel, how would you respond to that?
A rebel? [laughs] I'm really... Passionate about what I do - I just believe in doing the right thing. I don't care about politics, although I am sometimes expected to. In my time as a police officer I've had to contend with some very domineering individuals and I've learnt that you don't get anywhere caving in to these characters. In my role, sometimes there's no time to have a debate about what action is best in the circumstances. You have to think and act fast to keep people safe and I don't give a shit what anybody thinks of me for it, so maybe I'm more of a... Chaotic good type of person. I don't know. I like to think I'm making a difference.

What are you investigating at the moment?
As the investigation is still under way, I am not at liberty to give full details. You've heard about the murders but have you heard of the Chuchunya? The Russians hunted for it in the 1920's after several murders where the victims flesh was eaten. What they found and killed was a seven foot creature covered in hair. Now, in todays interconnected world you'd think there isn't a place for a creature like that to hide, and you'd probably be right. But the government commissions scientific research and experiments to discover ways to genetically modify humans for espionage and war. It been going on since World War I. I think that's what we have here.

I do want to make a plea... To any employees of Numen Labs, if you have any information that could be useful in locating the perpetrator of these horrific crimes, please come forward. Do it for the families of the victims Sarah Jenkins and Dr Joseph Mengel. Help me bring those involved in front of the court. We will protect you.